MarcAurele Wrestling is USA Wrestling sanctioned club dedicated to developing wrestling skills at every age and level of the sport. The club was founded by TJ MarcAurele in the beginning of 2005. TJ realized the need for advanced wrestling training to strengthen the caliber of local wrestlers and decided to use his wrestling experience to make a difference. MarcAurele Wrestling picks up where most recreational wrestling clubs fall short.

Our goal is to guide each wrestler through their unique stages from beginner to advanced by evaluating and addressing the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete. If not caught early, faults can turn into bad habits that will become difficult to correct as a wrestler progresses. TJ believes in small group instruction and personally evaluates each club member.

In addition to physical skills, our coaching staff will teach students how to battle the mental aspects of wrestling. Our motto, “PRIDE DETERMINATION DESIRE” represents those things that made TJ MarcAurele a world champion wrestler.