Bobcat Brawl Wrestling Tournament in South Windsor, CT

MarcAurele Wrestling Results from the Bobcat Brawl wrestling tournament held in South Windsor, CT, on February 4, 2018.

South Windsor Bobcat Brawl

1st place
Lucas judd (2 Golds)
Chase Catalano (2 Golds)
Braylon Gonzalez (2 Golds)
Taiyo Gemme (2 Golds)
Jackson Mikolinski (2 Golds)
Kyle Levsque
Conor Doran
Lincoln Carlson
Abigail Mikolinski
Mason Catalano
Bradley Ament
Kiernan Delaney
Owen Ament
Jackson Fiske
Soren Rief
South Windsor Bobcat Brawl

2nd Place
Dylan Levesque
Porter Schxnayder
Dylan Warner ***
Jonathan Toriello
Hoshena Gemme
Eddie Fiske
Nanami Gemme
3rd Place
Xzias Bellamy

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